Online Sportsbetting

Chances are you’ve done a bit of betting on sports in the past.

It’s hard to generalize. While some people are completely unfamiliar with online sportsbetting, many have played online poker, or played some online slots or other games at an online casino USA.

Most of us are pretty much limited to a friendly bet or two during the biggest of the big games. In the US, more sport betting goes on just before the Super Bowl, and the rest of the world experiences the same phenomenon during the World Cup. I don’t have any hard statistics on this, but I’m willing to bet (ha ha) that most people are introduced to betting though one of those matches.

I doubt anyone but the most anal of retentives would consider a casual wager between friends or co-workers on the outcome of a football game to be anything but a harmless pastime. Even the more elaborate casual betting methods — football pools, for instance — tend to be categorized with weekly poker games as a hobby for friends and acquaintances rather than serious gambling.

For that, you need a book. I’m not talking about the things with pages of words, though that IS where the term originally came from. Way back when, wagers were recorded in a ledger…thus, sports book (or race book, when you’re talking about horses or dogs).

A bookmaker, obviously, is the person who keeps track of these wagers. Known as ‘bookies’, the word generally refers to shady dudes on the fringes of the law (or all the way on the other side of it). I’ve been to more of them than I like to admit, so I’d be a hypocrite to dismiss them…but on the other hand, I strongly recommend that you avoid them and concentrate on the online options, for several reasons that I’ll explore on another page…

However, there’s a big leap between a guy who bets a fiver with his mates and the serious, system-heavy professional sports bettors. My website won’t take you that entire distance, simply fill you in on some of the essential basics to give you a chance to see if you might be interested in taking your interest in sports betting to the next stage.

Futures may sound like a stupid category of bets (after all, aren’t all bets on the future?) until you realize that you get a huge payoff for predicting something a very long time in advance. For example, there are ALREADY futures bets being accepted on the next presidential election results (this example probably won’t mean as much if you happen to be reading this in, say, October of 2012, 2016, or 2020). Keep your eye out for all of this and more…

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