Men’s Lacrosse is a full contact sport, mostly played on the East Coast of the United States and there are many professional teams all over America. Many high school Varsity Lacrosse players get into college for their skills in this sport. Major League lacrosse is a very well known sport and many people all over America place bets on them. In one of the large rivalry games, such as the New York Lizards vs. Chesapeake Bay hawks, people from all over the country place their bets in sports books everywhere (whether those sports books be online or not). In the 2013 MLL League Lacrosse season there have been thirteen different championship games, and just between The New York Lizards and the Chesapeake Bay hawks, they have won 7 of them. The rivalry continues to grow stronger as people place bets and watch the games until one of the teams over powers the other. But there will always be bets on things like this especially in Lacrosse and many other major league sports. The current standings state five wins to the Outlaws, four to the Launch’s and Rattlers, three to the cannons and lizards, two to the Hounds and Machine’s, and one to the Chesapeake Bay hawks.

Women’s lacrosse is a completely different game than mens. Although people do still place bets on these games, it is not as common as the bets for the MLL mens games. There are still rivalry games but most of these take place between college teams because it is much more common for women to be playing in college. Johns-Hopkins and Maryland is one of the oldest and most prominent rivalries in women’s lacrosse there is. Many people place bets on these as well as on the mens games.

These are examples of when people would put bets on sports and how important it can be to do it quickly and efficiently. Yes, the normal sporting books are very traditional and many many people still use them, but think about it! With online sports books, you do not have to wait for it to be open, you do not have to leave your home, you are practically guaranteed to be able to get done with it within minutes, and it is much more effective and efficient than the plain old traditional sporting books. We are coming into a new age with many new technological advancements. So lets not get stuck in the past with all these old things, and lets move with the crowd to a better and more advanced world were almost everything can and will happen online instead of in person. Go and bet on your favorite women’s college lacrosse teams, mens MLL teams, or any other sport of your desire, but make sure you do it online.

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